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Woodworking Dust Control

This battery of six baghouses with 390,000 CFM capacity services a portion of the country's largest ready-to-assemble furniture plant located in northwestern Ohio. The steel storage silo at right receives wood waste conveyed pneumatically direct from hoggers located inside the plant and sawdust from baghouses. The wood waste and sawdust collected in this "staging" silo is then pneumatically conveyed via a 250 HP P/D "motivator" unit to central storage silos located approx. 1 mile away.

Two other sawdust control systems at the same northwestern Ohio facility shown with concrete "staging" silos equipped with filter receivers on top and pneumatic conveying blower packages at grade. The central storage silos are visible in background.

This wood waste/sawdust central storage and processing plant, built by HSI receives in excess of 300 ton/day sawdust from six staging silos. The plant processes a portion of the wood waste as commercial grade that is stored in one of the silos and is ready to ship via trucks. The additional wood waste is processed and stored as boiler fuel ready to convey pneumatically to a cogeneration plant located in the same facility.

The photos show two sites at this northern Pennsylvania cabinet manufacturer plant designed to expand in 3 baghouses at each site. The nominal capacity of each baghouse is 65,000 CFM.

The concrete storage silo at the same northern Pennsylvania facility receives sawdust pneumatically from both baghouse sites and a large capacity hogger.

These photos show two of eight sites at this central Ohio cabinet manufacturing plant. A reversible screw under baghouses conveys the sawdust to a pneumatic conveying system that transfers sawdust to a central storage silo or to an emergency truck loadout if central storage cannot receive the product.

The photos above show 130,000 CFM sawdust baghouses with 250 HP system fans returning air back into plant through secondary/safety filter plenums. The system is located in northern Indiana serving a brand new kitchen cabinet plant using the latest manufacturing technology.

The photos above show the inside ductwork of same northern Indiana facility.

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