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Weld Fume Control

This photo shows a fume control system at this northeastern Ohio steel door manufacturing plant servicing an automatic laser table with multiple heads located in the block building to the right of the fume collector.

The photos above show individual fume collectors servicing robotic welding cells of this central Ohio seat frame manufacturing plant for the automotive industry.

A seat manufacturing plant in central Ohio using HSI-designed fume control systems. 72,000 CFM and 30,000 CFM capacity fume collectors with system fans returning air back into plant during winter for energy savings and bypassing to outside for summer ventilation.

The photos above show a 70,000 CFM weld fume control system at a northern Ohio snow plow manufacturing plant. HSI provided the system with custom hood designs to facilitate the installation ahead of the robotic welders moved in place.

The photos above show 130,000 CFM cartridge collectors that replaced an existing problematic electrostatic filter system at this central Ohio welding institute. The system incorporates custom-designed hoods for various welding procedures.

The photos above show outside installation and inside robotic welding bay enclosures, manual weld station hooding and a heavy duty, all flanged and bolted ductwork system at this central Ohio Auto parts manufacturing plant.

This 70,000 CFM weld fume control cartridge collector has a 250 HP system fan with a summer bypass and air return ductwork.

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